Be a Journalist with Us!Here we are in spring, even if the weather doesn’t feel like it. That’s especially true for our readers in the southern hemisphere who are starting fall! We love exploring Blossoming, which happens in us as people every season. Girls contributed their creativity from farmer Kendall Rae to anime-enthusiast Marcy to blossom-bookmaker Vidya to drawers of Luna Tics, book co-author Julia, reporter Mason, perfectly-imperfect Imaani, fiction author Evie and artist Selah. My heartfull THANKS to everyone who helped with this issue. Tell us what you think of it in a Letter to me! Love, LunaWould you like to be a journalist? You can at New Moon Girls! Every magazine issue and our website are full of opportunities for girl journalists aged 8–14 to get published Even if you haven’t done it before, you can write articles! Give it a try and NMG will help. An adult editor on our team will give you feedback and suggestions on your drafts. Plus, you can ask parents, teachers, librarians, and other allies to help you be a girl journalist with a few valuable tips from PBS. The web address is: every-child-is-a-journalist WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT? First, a girl journalist can start with stories about things you’ve done and experiences you’ve had. You can write about your feelings, problems you’ve faced, questions you want answers about, and goals you have. Our girl journalists interview interesting girls and women, write DIY articles about how to do anything, learn about issues girls face and how those issues can be solved. Our magazine and website are created so girls can share all of this with each other and the world. We want the world to see and hear from girls much more than happens now. We’re deeply interested in girls’ dreams, passions, and opinions in life and the universe. This means you can write about things you dream about and things you hope to do. Another way to be a journalist is to research a topic or culture you want to discover and write about that. You can do journalism on your own or can work with a friend or two as a journalist team. The possibilities are endless. HOW TO GET STARTED Sign up to be a reporter on the form at https:// and tell us your ideas for some things you’d like to report about. Also, NMG staff will email your parent/guardian when there’s an opportunity to report and write for the magazine! You don’t have to wait for an assignment. You can always go to to contribute your work directly for the magazine and website anytime you want.