DEAR LUNAI’m Luna, the spirit of New Moon. I love to hear from you! Write to me at Get-PublishedDear Luna, Your magazine is so cool! I love the VoiceBox. I like it because lots of different girls can look at each others’ artwork and poems. Also, I love reading stories and writing stories! I loved Udeeta’s article about games. Bye! I love your magazine! Anya, 9, VA Hi Luna, I am a relatively new NMG reader. I started about a year and a half ago. Let me tell you, I LOVE it! I simply adore how you have an actual chance of getting published in it, unlike some other magazines. But I am SERIOUSLY CONFUSED. What is the GOC, what happened to it (did it die?? if so, why?) and will there be another thing like it? Bye! Love your magazine! (Also, please respond to this! It’s really important!!) Sincerely, Clara The Fantabulicous, 11, CA Dear Clara The Fantabulicous, I’m so happy you love NMG magazine! The Girls Online Community (GOC) was a website where girls from around the world could make friends, share writing and artwork, and express themselves. It closed early in 2021. Now we have many of the same ways to connect — with even stronger security and privacy — on our main website at: New Love, Luna Hi Luna, I would just like to say thank you for this wonderful opportunity. My parents and I have received the copies of NMG, and are absolutely elated to see “Good Vibes Only…” in print. Additionally, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the other articles! Overall, we would just like to extend our gratitude for this fantastic experience. Sincerely, Ishani, 13, NJ Dear Ishani, You’re very welcome for the opportunity to express your thoughts and opinions in NMG. Listening to girls and sharing their voices with the world are the main reasons we exist. So we thank you, too, for being courageous and putting your thoughts and opinions out in the world. The world needs to hear much more from girls! Love, Luna Dear Readers, Maybe you noticed that this Spring issue got to you a bit late? I want to share why with you. I know you look forward to getting your magazine on time. We were late getting it to the printer because we needed more writing and art contributions from girls ages 8 - 14. You can help with this problem!! Contribute your creations at Published