INSIDE THE MOONYou Honor Girls Being Themselves All of a sudden it’s spring! Winter has felt long this year so spring is extra thrilling to everyone on our our NMG team. While you enjoy this issue you’re probably also thinking about summer and the end of the school year. What are your plans? What would you love to do in a dream universe that can’t happen in reality this year? We want to hear all of that and so much more from YOU. Here’s something to do NOW: honor girls for being themselves for our summer issue. You can nominate friends. You can nominate yourself. it’s easy to do and it means a lot to every girl who is nominated. NOMINATE BEFORE APRIL 1!! Even though we can only fit a few nominees in the Summer issue we also give them special recognition on our website. So, pull out your pen or pencil or keyboard and go to Did you find any mistakes in this issue? Be sure to tell us so we can apologize and correct it! Write us at OUR NEXT ISSUES SUMMER Girls being Themselves Deadline to Contribute: April 15, 2022FALL Theme will be voted on at SEND IT TO USOpen to every girl. No subscription needed. Upload your creative stuff at PublishedThe Secret to Getting Published! MAKE STUFF ҉ comics ҉ poetry ҉ opinions ҉ mysteries ҉ photography ҉ knitting, sewing, any crafts ҉ science experiments ҉ paintings ҉ recipes you make ҉ sports ҉ songs you play or compose ҉ coding projects ҉ stories ҉ poll questions & answers ҉ playwriting ҉ true stories of your experiences ҉ reviews: music, dance, movie & book҉ q& a's with someone who does interesting stuff ҉ puzzles you make up CHECK YOUR EMAIL!! That's how you know when we want to publish your creation. We can’t publish your work if you and your parent don’t answer our emails and messages.