POETRYWild Girl It’s not an insult It’s not bad It’s good because I am a Wild girl I am not a girl that hates getting dirty I love it! I am not a girl that cares how fancy I am. I am a wild girl No matter what What matters Is that I’m having a fun time! and I am! You must think being Famous and fancy is fun. No it isn’t. Being fancy is too hard! You always have to pick out the right clothes! It also hurts the planet! Being famous looks easy! But it isn’t! You have to sign autographs and take selfies and have to deal with fans! It’s your choice!! But my choice Is to stay Wild girl Lena, 8, MA When there is silence, be the one who speaks first. Lucy, 10, IL The beautiful tree The light shines through the branches leaves fall to the ground She always speaks first Doesn’t think about her words But she’s my friend They are here one day Then they are gone next sun rise I’ve seen them in my past life Her presence puts me at bay Olivia, 17, MO Flowers Flowers blooming in the spring Flowers brighten everything Pick a flower three Don’t pick too many Maybe Let them be Talia, 11, CA I have a little doggy, I keep her close at hand. And when my doggy’s barking, I’ll be sure to take a stand. My little doggy is a nice one, and likes to have fun. My little doggy likes to chase balls and to run. I love Coco, my little doggy, who just turned one! Anya, 9, VA The small crabs walk along the beach, wringing their hands The entire shore humming with anguish The crystal waves that once brought happiness are dried up Their spirits suffering the same fate The sand longs for its best friend Wanting to hold its hand and feel its presence The seagulls wail, their souls starving along with their stomachs A sudden dread poisons the salty air Their friend won’t be returning The clear waves won’t be there to cradle them anymore To listen to their worries To provide light in a time of darkness No, their friend won’t be returning Mauricea, 14, TX