HOW AGGRAVATINGWhat’s unfair to girls and women—in your life or around the world? Contribute your thoughts at by Evie, 12, IL Shut up. Don’t you think I’ve heard how skinny my arms are one thousand times? Shut up. Don’t tell me you’re jealous of my stomach that stretches too thin over my ribs. Shut up. Don’t say I’m lucky I can eat what I want and not gain a pound. Shut up. Don’t whisper to your friends about the anorexia I don’t have. Shut up. Don’t tell me I’ve lost weight the first thing when I haven’t seen you in a year. Shut up. Don’t call me skinny like it’s a compliment. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Can’t you just shut up? Maya, 13, NJ The NFL is super sexist. I mean, it’s all men! Do they think women are too delicate for football? Are they too lazy to start a WNFL (Women’s National Football League)? Also, pretty much all NFL cheerleaders are forced to wear crop tops that look like bikinis and super short skirts. And NFL cheerleaders are paid $10,000 a year, while players are paid $860,000! Mia, 10, CA My classmate is always doing things like poking me with his pencil, reading under the desk, talking when I’m trying to work, and not talking when it’s “turn and talk” time. It’s so annoying when boys assume we’re just there for them to mess with, and then act like it’s our fault that they got in trouble! Like, dude, if you don’t want to get in trouble, then pay attention, do the work, and stop bugging me! Adara, 10, WA This is GIRL-CAUGHT! It disrespects girls & women. STOP IT! On my Spanish worksheet, we had to write adjectives in Spanish describing pictures of people. On one of them, it showed a skinny woman with a tiny waist wearing a dress and high heels. The expected answer for this was “bonita,” which means pretty. That is so stereotypical and not true at all. You don’t have to be skinny and have a tiny waist to be considered pretty! Ugh! Nora, 13, NE