HOWL AT THE MOONHowl at the moon and tell us about sexist stuff that’s gotten better in your life and around the world. Contribute your thoughts at is GIRL-CAUGHT! It RESPECTS girls & women. THANK YOU! NewMoonGirls. com I want to give a howl for the character Undyne from the video game Undertale. She is physically the strongest character in the game, being able to pick up and hold a character several times larger than she is. She’s a lesbian, and Undyne the Undying is the third hardest boss in the game. Plus she doesn’t have skimpy armor like most video game girls; hers is just a standard suit of armor! In fact, Undyne the Undying is technically the toughest boss in the franchise, because Sans (the hardest in the franchise) fights dirty, and Jevil (the second hardest) has no idea what he’s doing. I love her, since she’s a scary, angry character with a heart of gold. And her quotes are just flat up amazing. My favorite of her quotes is “SCREW IT! WHY SHOULD I TELL YOU THAT STORY WHEN YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE?” Blue/Cat/Tem, 14, AB There’s a show on Disney+ that I really like, called The Owl House. It has witches and magic and a lot of LGBTQ+ representation. To me, being bi, the representation is super important. The show follows Luz, a human girl, who goes through a portal and ends up in a magical world called The Boiling Isles. She makes a lot of friends and goes on quests and adventures. Sadly, after the third season, the show will be canceled. But you can still binge-watch it!! Alex, 13, ON I love the new She-Ra show on Netflix. I can talk about it forever. Of course there are the big things, like all the powerful women, and the lesbian romance saving the universe. But even the small things, like the bathing suits not being gendered, really make a difference. They also have a nonbinary character voiced by a nonbinary actor. You should definitely watch it. EmpressEllora, 13, NC ...all the powerful women