JUST FOR FUNHow to make a blossom bookby Vidya Malgari If you would like to learn how to make a Blossom Book, you should read this article. During the spring, trees blossom. People blossom. The world blossoms. And New Moon Girls blossoms, but that’s a different story. A Blossom Book is a collection of blossoms and the stories that go with them. Before we get started, let’s just talk a little more about what I mean by blossoms. You may think of the blossoms you find on cherry trees. And yes, you can use those. But blossoms can also be the little things that make you happy and inspire you, and help you grow. Why not use the lucky hair ribbon that got you through the audition for the play? Or a scrap of the t-shirt you loved and just finally grew out of?Maybe something you found in your suitcase a year after your trip to Jamaica? Anyway, it can be anything you want that helped you blossom. When you make your Blossom Book, it really should be personalized. So, before we start, just decorate your book! You can write your name in cursive, add googly eyes or plastic gems, or even superglue your favorite cereal to your book! Whatever makes it feel like you. If you used glue, wait for it to dry before moving on. If you did not, then you may advance. Next you’ll need to open your book to the first page, and prop it open. Use books, paperweights or anything else that is near you and comes to mind. Just maybe DON’T use your brother’s remotecontrolled tarantula.FOR THIS FUN YOU NEED 1. A small blank sketchbook 2. Your Blossoms 3. Art supplies like markers, colored pencils, watercolors, etc. 4. Glue Now you can glue one of your blossoms onto the page. Decorate the page with art, quotes and other things that are related to your adventures with the “blossom” or how it helped you grow. Like, if it’s a piece of your lucky soccer jersey you might want to draw soccer balls or write the score of the game. Or if it was the wrapper of the cupcake of your tenth birthday, then you can draw 10s all over the page and draw things related to what you did on that birthday or what you achieved in your tenth year of life. Anyway, JUST BE CREATIVE! Now let this page dry, probably overnight, depending on how much you love glue. ONE DAY LATER... Continue adding “blossoms” to your book until it is filled! Then stash it away somewhere handy and pull it out when you need a little picking up. Now it’s time for you to look at your book and blossom. What’s your idea for a future Just For Fun? Send your ideas to NewMoonGirls.com/girls-get -published Vidya, 12, NJ, loves writing, cooking & singing! If she’s not doing those, you can find her at the skating rink or dancing crazily around her living room.