OUR EARTHEndangered species crossword On earth, all animals and plants very gradually change from generation to generation because of changes in their environments and mutations in their genes. Human activities, like cutting down trees to make more space for agriculture, and burning fossil fuels for energy, have made many species of plants and animals have trouble surviving. In 1995, our readers were already very worried about how human activity endangered the survival of many species and wanted to raise awareness in a fun way with a puzzle. We’re bringing it back for you to share with family and friends.ACROSS 3. Fuzzy arachnid primate (3 words) 6. Only humans can save this planet 7. Fastest big cat 11. A prickly plant 13. Has a trunk for a snout 16. Fastest raptor 17. Opposite of predator 19. Largest ape 20. Largest swimming mammal (2 words) 21. Crocodile cousin 24. Fire-breathing lizard, Komodo ________ 25. Mammal with long, thin nose/mouth 26. Amphibian with a shell DOWN 1. Tree clinger, eats eucalyptus 2. Weasel cousins 4. Flightless New Zealand bird 5. Black & white bamboo eater 6. Snake-like fish may shock you 8. Insect with colorful wings 9. USA symbol that flies (2 words) 10. Thick liquid, kills animals and plants when it spills 12. Bushy-tailed, lives in trees 14. We need to help and ________ endangered animals and plants 15. Smaller cousin of kangaroo 18. Parrot-like bird, scarlet ________ 22. Wet woods 23. Underwater community that snorkelers look for