VOICE BOXWe asked if you think schools should use standardized tests. Your opinions are important and we’re glad you shared them! Standardized tests are extremely stressful, and they put a lot of pressure on students of all ages, pressure that can affect the mental health of the students. My mom is a doctor, and around standardized testing season many patients come to her about stress and anxiety. The tests also contain lots of unnecessary rules, including not being able to go to the bathroom during the test. Finally, the entire school year shouldn’t be gearing up for a test at the end of the year. That makes school almost pointless.Norah, 12, PA The good thing about standardized tests is that they give you a challenge. But if you’re having a bad day on the test day, or don’t get enough sleep beforehand, then your mind might get mixed up when you take the test. Anya, 9, VA Standardized tests don’t show how smart we are. They’re dehumanizing and a waste of money. Sunny, 11, UT Standardized tests are on the computer at my school, and I think we shouldn’t look at devices for that long. I’m also usually the first person who finishes the test, and it’s quite boring because when you’re done there’s nothing to do. You do sometimes get to learn stuff, though. And the tests do a good job of measuring what I’m learning — it’s quite embarrassing! Jojo, 8, VA Next Voice NEXT VOICE BOX: Box: During the pandemic having During friends the pandemic went having friends went through a lot of through a lot of changes. changes. Now we have both in-person Now friends we have and online both in-person friends we’ve friends never and metonline person. friends What we’ve do younever thinkmet are in the person. pros and cons of both these kinds of What do friends? you think are the pros and cons of both these kinds of friends? https://newmoongirls. com/girls-get-published/